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Early Intervention Services/Help Me Grow


The Early Intervention (EI) program provides services to young children to ensure that they are receiving the best possible interventions as early as possible. In order to locate children that could benefit from our services, EI will partner with Help Me Grow to provide two Early Childhood developmental screenings in 2018.

Once the children turn 2 1/2 a transition plan is developed to assist the family in transitioning to appropriate programs they may be eligible to receive at  three years of age.  

The Early Childhood program embraces a family-centered approach ensuring young children with disabilities and their families receive the supports and services necessary for the child’s growth and development. Families of children ages birth through age two with concerns about their child’s development are eligible to apply for this program. Anyone can make a referral for Early Intervention services by calling Help Me Grow at 740-962-6809.


Supports and services are unique to the needs of each family. When referred for services, an evaluation for eligibility is completed, including  a comprehensive assessment. From this assessment, an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) is formulated targeting the needs of the family and child. Early Intervention supports and services are provided to families within natural environments and every day routines by a professional Developmental Specialist. Strategies used are designed to build upon the family’s strengths and wishes. Ancillary services such as speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy are also provided as needed.